Rekortan M99 is a multi layer in-situ full pour polyurethane track surfacing system featuring an impermeable self-levelling base coat, unique force-reduction central layer and top flood coat of polyurethane, embedded with UV resistant EPDM rubber granule.

The unique APT-designed polyurethane micro-foam central layer provides the force reduction properties to comply with IAAF Testing criteria whilst meeting athlete comfort and performance requirements. The base layer and the top layer represent the highest quality sports polyurethanes in the track surfacing market. By design, the system is 100% solid polyurethane and Rekortan M99 has been formulated to resist UV degradation in the world's most demanding climates.


Rekortan M99 Track - Youth Olympics, Singapore 2010

With the 100's of tracks throughout the world, Rekortan was first used in the 1969 Berlin Olympic Stadium. Considered state of the art at the time, Rekortan became the benchmark for international athletic track systems.

Following continued research and development Rekortan was again invited to provide the running surface for the Munich Olympics in 1972. Eleven world records and 20 Olympic records later Rekortan had become the "Athletes Track."

In 1984 the Los Angeles Olympics posed a unique issue. How do you get a running track to perform at the ultimate level in 35 degree heat ? You get Rekortan of course! A special design team developed, manufactured and constructed a unique Rekortan track for the LA conditions and again the records fell.

Chosen as the surface for the 1993 World Athletics Championships, the "Stuttgart" system saw five world records broken over short and long distances. The use of the "artificial athlete" to measure surface reaction to force reduction, velocity and contact duration resulted in proof that Rekortan provides the maximum energy return and thus optimal performance.


Since then Rekortan has provided the ultimate in track surfaces for the 1998 Commonwealth Games in Malaysia, the IAAF Golden League, 2001 Goodwill games and the 2010 Singapore Youth Olympics.

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