Laykold Tennis courts are synonymous with quality and durability.  Laykold hard courts are in-situ poured and are available in various levels of cushioning.  Their vibrant colour range makes it easy to tailor colour combinations to complement or match sponsor’s, country or club colours.  The Laykold courts range of systems are a versatile multi-layer system consisting of products for the professional world class tournament through to discerning private residences

Wear and Fade Resistant

Laykold Colour Concentrate is exactly that! It is brilliant colour pigments in high concentration. This makes the wear of the top layer of the court super durable and the colour remains brilliant even after substantial use.  

Brilliant Colour

The high concentration of the pigments used in the Laykold Top Coat means the colour of the playing surface is stronger and appears brighter. The concentration of pigments remains stable for longer periods of time.


Laykold systems are world renowned as the elite player’s surface of choice for major international tournaments and the technology used in the Laykold Tennis Court systems is used for other outdoor applications. Laykold systems for basketball, netball, multisport and high traffic recreational areas are available. 

Laykold Cushion Plus

Laykold Cushion Plus is the elite player’s surface choice.  Cushion Plus has the same durability and system performance points as Laykold CCC but has a built in cushion system.  

This surface perfectly combines resilience, brilliant good looks and comfort. The two layers of cushion granule and three layers of cushion powder give unsurpassed player safety and comfort. It just feels great to play on increasing player performance levels.


  • ITF classified category 1 (slow pace)
  • Surface of Sony Ericcson Open since 1984
  • Greater force reduction, extreme player comfort
  • Three levels of comfort: cushion plus, cushion plus xtreme and cushion plus supreme
Download Laykold Cushion Plus Flyer

Flyer_Laykold_Cushion_Plus Flyer_Laykold_Cushion_Plus

Laykold Colour Coat Concentrate

Laykold Colour Coat Concentrate (CCC) is ideal for the serious domestic home user and is an effective option for community and professional tennis clubs.  Laykold CCC is constructed on either an asphalt or concrete base and has the backing of a 70 year reputation for durability and performance.



  • Custom fit technology
  • Tailored to desired pace
  • ITF Classified Category 3
    (medium pace)
  • Versatile application spectrum

 Download Laykold CCC Flyer

Flyer_Laykold_CCC Flyer_Laykold_CCC

Laykold Tennis
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